Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trailers'n Hats!

So our super awesome friend jason silverek buys and restores vintage trailers. For my birthday he gave me one night or two with one of his trailers. Last weekend as sort of an end of the summer celebration we had him take it up to sugarloaf for us for one fun filled night of trailer fun. Sold. I want one. Below are a few pictures of that delightful trip complete with proscuitto wrapped melon, prawn pesto pasta, buffalo pommodore, smores and too many lemon drops...

Oh yeah, and here are some new hats!

Friday, August 14, 2009

paul hats fini!

All done!! be on the lookout for these soon at Now list of things to do in the next few weeks...:

1. get website up!
2. make a load of hats for sswc09
3. find cool fabric and start sycip hats
4. fall corduroy musettes( heather's, jennifer's and susie's included)
5. perfect luce fanny
6. ride my bike! (this should actually be higher on the list)
7. regatta booth?
8. get a job?

I think i'll leave this list open ended i have a feeling i'm going to keep coming up with more...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

luce bento!

Happy birthday Violet! Today my little girl turned 9...almost two hands full. Since i'm pretty sure i will never get up early enough to make her bento lunches and i've always had a facination with bento charaben lunches i decided to make her one that would last for ever. The little mushrooms and grass are made out of cloth and the bunnies are crochet with pleather eyes to look like nori. The whole thing was ridiculously fun to make complete with the trip to japan town in San Francisco to pick up the totoro bento box. It even came with some of those nifty japanese erasers shaped like food so she can feed them! I will be making more for sure...Bento Buddies!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

paul hats coming soon!

Thats right! Paul Components hats are in the works! They will be directly available thru Paul's website. If you haven't checked out Pauls stuff you should cause its some of the sickest out there!!...and now a few snapshots of our vacation to mnt. Lassen and Violet's 9th birthday part 1...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aaaaah nostalgia....Outside magazine just came out with an article about sswc08 in Napa CA. Its a great one! Check it out! Luce Goods was launched at that race and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Not to mention i got to design Curtis Inglise's , of Inglis/Retrotec bikes, suit apptly dubbed "the Lucenhosen", below is a picture of my sweet crizzle donning the battle wounds from wearing the suit for the race. Here are a few pics to take us down memory lane...

Monday, August 3, 2009

lost my camera

In honor of me loosing my camera at the fair today, i will not be posting any pictures in this entry. Just imagine if you will my beautiful daughters and i riding all the favorite rides with exhuberant looks on our faces, hair blowing in the wind and sunburns on the backs of our necks. Now picture us if you will eating all the things associated with the fair such as corn dogs, shoe string french fries, churros, ice cream...and finally the girls sitting patiently awaiting there turn to get wee tiny, we were on a budget, henna tattoos on their wee tiny for arms.

An excellent day for sure. Now for some camera shopping...

okay one picture but a random one.