Friday, July 22, 2011

today's stage reminded me more of this...

When I was a kid in France, and I knew nothing of cycling except that it seemed to happen once a year and was a really big deal, Raymond Poulidor was the only guy that I remember. Even though he wasn't even racing in my lifetime the people had loved him enough that everytime you saw someone on a bike you would stick your head out the window and affectionately call out: "Allez poupou, allez poupou, allez poupou!". Never wearing the mayo jaune and always coming in second and third he was such a good guy that everybody loved him... this clip is kinda rad.

Also if you're into that sort of thing there's this amazing documentary on Jacques Anquetil and how he does the Macon-Avigno and Bordeaux - Paris back to back. Crazy. Love it...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Totoro Bento by Cooking-Gallery
Totoro Bento, a photo by Cooking-Gallery on Flickr.

Ready for someone to drop this off for me with a bottle of nigori sake. Chilled. Thanks. Actually any of these will do...and the sake.

Monday, July 18, 2011

'Clean' studio re-assembled.

Crap. Even Stevil is more organized than i am...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jeremy's bday- I'm out.

Jeremy's bday- I'm out. by luce goods
Jeremy's bday- I'm out., a photo by luce goods on Flickr.

jeremy's birthday was awesome but it left me feeling like this...

simple is always better...

I like simple... by luce goods
I like simple..., a photo by luce goods on Flickr.

Like daisies. One of the simplest flowers around yet they bring up so much.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

downieville + leather 101

Phew..I think I've just finally recovered from the extravaganza that was this years Downieville Classic race. After many hours in the sun, a zillion excellent New Belgium beers, and more free pancakes and fajitas from Chris King then you could shake a stick at (y'all are thoroughly amazing for doing that..), I have finally returned to reality and sufficiently cleared my head to trudge forward in the world of stuff making. But first a few photos from the event....

Forrest at the top of Packer Saddle where those of us not racing handed out water bottles, camel backs and the such. Forrest was particularly stoked that day as that is indeed his brand spanking new Retrotec he is riding. Just assembled a mere couple of days before the race...

We were lucky enough to find snow at the top which is a good thing 'cause that takes care of me being in the snow for the also was quite useful for making snowballs for our close friends to refresh them as they crested the Saddle.

I think this photo is more fun if you make up your own caption. The water was freeeeeezing by the way.

As previously mentioned much New Belgium beer was consumed in the New Belgium tent no less. Jen is a gem and its always super fun hanging out with her! I am sure Vernor has some waaaayy better pics of this event as he was also chronicling it and his camera is much better than mine.

While I was enjoying this amazing event I ran into the equally awesome Yuri Hauswald. Love that guy. I had previously sold him one of my "luce change" wallets and as we started chatting he offered some totally unsolicited yet totally appreciated product feedback. General concensus being that a stiffer materiel for the outside of the wallet would be appreciated.

So I took his advice and took myself home to try some stuff out. I remembered getting some hand tanned buck skin from my friends Tammy and Steven a few years back and set out to find it. Tammy and Stephen are the ultimate recyclers/let nothing go to waste people. They find fresh road kill and dissguarded hunting trophies and use every last bit of the animal. This may sound gruesome to some but many beautiful things come out of this process, ie: the leather from this wallet, and nothing goes to waste. As would be expected they also utilize all local herbs and flowers for various foods, medicines and the like.

Anyway the last two pictures are how the wallet turned out....

Next up....i'll let you know when I figure it out....

Thursday, July 7, 2011


organizing. by luce goods
organizing., a photo by luce goods on Flickr.

Giving the shop a once over. Finding treasures in dark corners...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

last painting in a series by crizzle wells..

Happy fourth of debauchery to all! This is the last installment from Crizzle and maybe my favorite although that's a tough call. This was painted from a picture Crizzle took of his uncle Richard two years ago on the 4th july in Wauconda Illinois.

Richard is a dentist on an indian reservation over in Chinle Arizona. An interesting character for sure...

Friday, July 1, 2011


Panier bag with wood button for customers wood wedding anniversary. One of three. Fabric is from the 60's and thrifted same with polka dot straps. Awesome plaid oil cloth interior from Tamberlane in Sebastopol.

This is something I would really like to move towards. Starting by making a simple functional bag to snap into platform front racks such as the amazing "pass and stow rack" by Matt Feeney. By the way if you happen to be looking for a front rack for your bike this happens to be the best one to get. Gonna start prototyping some bags in the next month of so, so check and see what i come up with. As per usual it will be quite simple in design and highly easy on the eyes...

Gonna start prototyping some bags in the next month of so, so check and see what i come up with. As per usual it will be quite simple in design and highly easy on the eyes...