Friday, June 25, 2010

New Digs!

Things are moving right along over here at Luce Goods HQ i am finally moving across the backyard into my very own shop! yay! At first the office looked like this:

After a giant trip to the local dump and a trip to the thrift store the shop looked like this:

Blue was the color of choice for this project which someone aptly pointed out to me looks exactly like the blue thread i use on everything. How predictable can you get!

So now all that's left to do is paint the floor grey, put in some lightning, get the industrial machine up and running, get some shelves, and find a cool old dinning room table to set all of my machines on, cause i still want to feel like i'm at my dinning room table, phew....shouldn't be long now...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dirt crits!

Dirt crits!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Soooo i've been trying to only ride my bike to work now that the girls are out of school and i don't have to drive them a half hour to school. Of course i work the shipping department of my little coin shop and so that involves shlepping packages back and forth to the post office about five miles away. Most days the packages are small and manageable but every so often bigger stuff comes through that doesn't fit in the old messenger bag.

I decided the bob trailer was my best option for this even though i had never used one before. I had trekked the girls around plenty in a burley when they were younger but that has two wheels side by side. Sort of a different story....

Got to the post office super proud of myself claiming to my trusty mail clerks that i had brought my "cadillac" and i could haul anything they threw at me. Well...except maybe two thirty pound packages filled solid with coins.

I hoisted those bad boys onto the bob and then tried to wheel that sucker out of there and everything just sort of started to buckle and shake and feel horribly unstable. I took it out to the parking lot for a test ride and found that just getting on was a challenge.

So i returned to my trusty mail clerks and gave them back one of my packages claiming that i could haul "almost" anything in my cadillac...Not the least beaten down i took my single package and weaved it in and out of traffic thru town to its destination. Bike camping here i come!!!!

In other news the new shop is coming along quite nicely! More pictures of that coming soon...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day!

Here's a picture of my pops my bro and me circa 1977! Thanks for all the adventures, lessons, easy and hard, and most of all the fun!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

new luce goods HQ. right in the backyard!

Started getting things ready to move in here today...more photos coming sooooooonnnnn...

Friday, June 18, 2010

All hail the black market....

Our friend Glenn (part owner extoardinaire of Norcal Bike Sport and The Bike Peddler) is doing some good work in europe. Not only is he the team mechanic for radio shack and is keeping all these pretty bikes in tip top shape and all the pretty racers safe but he is also pasting the land with these little sticker and educating the world on All Hail The Black Market. I could praise and talk about the finer points of AHTBM but you really should just go there and see for yourself. Bikes, humor, wit, reviews, its just good clean fun. Well maybe not the clean part...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer sleepover

summer sleepover
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i heart summer...

Monday, June 14, 2010

what we did this weekend...

Aaaaannnd it was back to Napa this weekend for some good old fashioned eating, hanging, and bike racing. It had actually been a while since we had an inglis slumber party and this time we made it family style and brought the ladies! Interestingly enough i didn't take any pictures of the food we had on saturday night but needless to say Michael Gyetvan of Norman Rose and Pizza Azzuro provided us with an excellent meal even the girls scarfed down. Quite a feat indeed...

After making a much needed trip to bouchon bakery in Yountville for some fabulous baked goods and coffee, Miss Matzi tapped into her inner mom instincts and hung out with the girls on a blanket all morning and later relieved them from their cheering duties and took them home for a little cheese plate, bread and air conditioning. It was hella™ hot that day...

Needless to say things took a bit longer than expected and we all enjoyed some shade time waiting for everyone to finish. One by one all became accounted for...

...and with a smile on their tired, salty faces... Luckily everyone remained upright during the race and were able to continue on to the delicious bbq that uncle Curtis and auntie Mitzi had planned for us (cannot believe i didn't take any pictures of that!...or any of the rest of the food for that matter!). Unlike this poor chap...napa rules.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New art for the house. Who doesn't love Tara...and Vivona!!

Picked this art up in Portland about three years ago and finally got around to framing it and put it up! I love Tara's work and am lucky enough to have my friend Andy ( the mastermind behind diesel fuel prints) be her main screen printer. The kings of leon print is actually signed to me! I am also super lucky to be able to count the amazing artist Jason Vivona as one of my good friends and I traded him a hat for the awesome Luce Goods balloon shaped in the likeness of my man Crizzle. Look for him at various galleries in the city!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

luce goods dinner party- my man, my brother aaaaand my wife!

Yup. If you come to my house i will greet you at the door with a cocktail and a hat...thats just how we roll here at Luce Goods HQ!