Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

curtis's b-day, Artcrank, and Hunter's foot longs...

So much to do so little time! Many new things happening here. Introduced ear flaps to my hats as a winter addition to keep all of our little domes even warmer. The "Hunter foot longs" were actually a special order that Rick Hunter asked me to make for him for his tour he just finished. He wanted foot long bills and ear i obliged. The luce goods version will have just the regular size bill. Apparently they were a great success which makes me very happy! Be on the lookout for those on my flickr page!

In other news....wandered down to the city this weekend for Curtis's 41st b-day and the "Artcrank" show at the chrome store which our good friend jeffe had a piece in. Turns out Curtis is still hella™ hip and can crush like nobodies business at cx! We found him this awesome magasine in Japan town which had all things San Francisco cycling style. Except for Sasha...he's from Portland..but Chuey was there, and Freight, just to name a few. Excellent turn out at the "Artcrank" show. It was so refreshing to see so many bikes parked outside. Unfortunately i had my girls with me and it was quite loud and bit much for them so we didn't get to linger...but it was still nice to show them a slice of culture which they don't get very often in our small town that is Santa Rosa. Saddly our same friend jeffe got hit by a car on his bike just a couple days after his triumphant night! No worries he is fine! Baddly bruised and out a sick Retrotec road bike but he made it out with no broken bones! Phew! Beware everyone of motorist not paying attention. In the battle of bike against car the car always wins. lame.

And finally Luce Goods has found a home on another jersey. This one belongs to Black Cog Industries a new racing team headed by our good friend Rich Robinson. Nice work getting it together Rich!

Right thats pretty much it for now. Went on an amazing bike ride this weekend out in west county and pretty much decided that as a bike rider i am the luckiest ever to live in such a perfect place for the sport. Especially in the fall....Ride safe and watch out for cars pulling out!

"hunter's foot longs"

moi and the "hunter's foot long"

curtis...41 and still hella™ hip...

luce goods on black cog industries versatile.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

biktoberfest and sycip designs

As per usual i am trying to upload pictures and for some reasons blogspot wont let me. Soooo frustrating! So imagine if you will the new sycip hats i just finished or just click here to check them out. I have a feeling i may be changing blogspots soon....

Alright...another week another festival. This one was quite fun. The biketoberfest in Fairfax. A mixture of bycicles and beer if you will. Always a winning combination. Sort of like to much coffee and Dr. Dre. That tends of equal a lot of hats..Which is pretty much how i ended up finishing this last batch of hats for sycip designs.

Unfortunately with the last festival came back pain as i threw out my back probably knocking my beer back sometime during the day. Or maybe it was holding the mirror so people could look at themselves in their soon to be new hat...oh wait a minute i forgot the mirrow that day. I actually ended up taking pictures of people and showing them to them on the screen at the back of the camera. It served its purpose and i ended up with some cool shots of people hamming it up in my hats! Anyway no bike riding for me for a while which means plenty of sewing!

Here are a few of the hats i have for sale right now. You will find all of them here. If you find one you like email me at and let me know. I have paypal for quick and easy shipping!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

sswc09 meets the oregon manifest meets the gran fondo...

wow...what a busy couple of month! Between our epic sswc09 road trip to durango, making custom bags for jeremy's oregon manifest bike and getting enough stock together for the gran fondo there just hasn't been that much time for blogging! Rest assured that all three were a great success and great fun! Check out the link to my flickr for some photo's. to replenish my stock for the biketoberfest this weekend and keep my sanity...