Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clearing the palette and taking a break..

The next three months are going to be epic! I have started a 200 hour teacher training program with California Power Yoga. Which happens to incidentally be part of the studio where I work, Three Dog Yoga. Pretty much every weekend will be filled up with rigorous practices, practice teaching and stuff that I don't even know about. So refreshing to put the brain back to work learning something new! Aaaaand maybe I will get to take on a class or two when its all said and done!

As a result Luce Goods is powering the heck down. There's just only so many hours in the day and I want my kids to remember who I am! So I've been playing around with different things. Jewelry, always a big draw. I've got metal smithing in my sights for sure! Embroidery, easy to pick up and work on and put back away. And smaller projects like pouches and pencil cases. Things I can do in an hour.

I'm excited to take a break. To be honest production hasn't been particularly kind to my body, and sewing was starting to become a chore instead of fun. Not that work needs to be fun all the time! Challenge is always good. But work shouldn't be dreaded....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Porteur rack bag.

Many many moons ago, my friend Andrew asked me to make a bag for his pass and stow porteur rack . This was instantly interesting to me as I also have a porteur rack on my townie, from VO, and I'd been wanting to Gussie it up with a bag. A gazillion years later...voila! I'm very pleased with it! Andrew has had it for a week now and we are working out some of the bugs. Mainly modifying the bag to make it less floppy when its empty. I kind of got carried away with the front flap and made it pretty big which in turn makes it droop over the front when nothing is in the bag. There's also some need for strap tucking mechanisms...porteur 2.0 here I come!