Friday, September 4, 2009

Its bag time! Just coming out with some new bags for the fall. Forest scenes and flowers in autumn hues are really inspiring me right now. It helps that i found some of the most amazing fabrics at the legacy that fit the bill perfectly once again! So i'm trying to increase my stock as much as possible for some events coming up namely the Gran Fondo which is a race levi leipheimer (should check my spelling here) is putting on in our neck of the woods. I will also be manning the Sycip and Retrotec booths as those fine gents will be busy sweating it out in portland at the Oregon Manifest.

Lastly i leave you with a bag/hat custom combo in the likeness of the famous Cippolini aqua sapone zebra kit. Lucky for me my friend kurt just happend to have the full kit lying around. Lemon drops and photo shoots were the only options after that...