Sunday, November 29, 2009

loops and pierces

Last night chris and i took off one of our usual adventures via bikes on the quest for our favorite beverages. First coffee then beer...with food intermixed in there somewhere. Anyway we hooked up with our good friend jason silverek at "the toad in the hole" and he and i realized we had a lot of old friends in common. Consequently this little piercing shop came up in the conversation as jason had worked for our landlord at the time, wendy. This is all old school Santa rosa stuff from the nineties. Wendy owned "The Concrete Jungle" which was one of the first skate shops in santa rosa. Before that "Concrete Jungle" was called "alvin's" and occupied the place where "loops and Pierces" would later reside.

Needless to say for all those who know me i was not the best piercer in the world. Not because i wasn't good at it but beacause i'm too much of a care giver to inflict wounds on people. So i pierced plenty of my friends and left the public to Solomon. I ended up being an excellent judge at determining who was gonna pass out and making sure no harm came to them. Turns out the bigger and burlier they are the harder they fall....

When i got home that night from our little stint around the county. These pictures were waiting for me from my mom in my inbox. What timing...

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