Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Soooo i've been trying to only ride my bike to work now that the girls are out of school and i don't have to drive them a half hour to school. Of course i work the shipping department of my little coin shop and so that involves shlepping packages back and forth to the post office about five miles away. Most days the packages are small and manageable but every so often bigger stuff comes through that doesn't fit in the old messenger bag.

I decided the bob trailer was my best option for this even though i had never used one before. I had trekked the girls around plenty in a burley when they were younger but that has two wheels side by side. Sort of a different story....

Got to the post office super proud of myself claiming to my trusty mail clerks that i had brought my "cadillac" and i could haul anything they threw at me. Well...except maybe two thirty pound packages filled solid with coins.

I hoisted those bad boys onto the bob and then tried to wheel that sucker out of there and everything just sort of started to buckle and shake and feel horribly unstable. I took it out to the parking lot for a test ride and found that just getting on was a challenge.

So i returned to my trusty mail clerks and gave them back one of my packages claiming that i could haul "almost" anything in my cadillac...Not the least beaten down i took my single package and weaved it in and out of traffic thru town to its destination. Bike camping here i come!!!!

In other news the new shop is coming along quite nicely! More pictures of that coming soon...


  1. Ack! Honey, use Priority shipping and the post office will pick your packages up for FREE. And drop off Priority supplies to your house for FREE.

    Also, here's a little-known tip: if you call or request Priority pickup off the web, you only have to have one Priority package. The others can be first class, media mail, whatever. Cool, huh?

    Yes, I work at the PO. Not yours, but still. Let us help you keep it simple!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately this is for the day job so I have to take them to the post office....but Luce Goods will heed your good advice!