Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fresh batch for three dog yoga!

Fresh batch for three dog yoga
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I absolutely love making these! I think it s the fabric and its origin that i love so much! These little towels, used to mop the mounds of sweat we all exert when we're out on our bikes, running or doing a kick ass power yoga class, are made from vintage terry curtains from europe. Mainly England and Holland. How cool is that! Even cooler the other day I was watching this documentary on Joy Division and as the camera was panning thru the rows and rows of appartments in one of the shots all the windows had these kinds of curtains hanging in them. Pretty much made my day!

In other news tonight is the last night for y'all to come out to the dirt crits! Yes, sadly summer is over although you would never be able to tell that it ever started judging from the weather outside! Tonight s races should be awesome with a complementary bbq, awards ceremony and just good clean fun!

Come on out! Don't be shy...

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