Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I sweat, you sweat, we all sweat...and get dirty.

I sweat...a lot and I get dirty....a lot. So I came up with these a while back. Nothing crazy, just a little towel to take along with me and spread on my yoga mat or throw into my car after those particularly dirty, wet bike rides.

I originally started making these out of vintage Deutsch terry curtains from the sixties that I found at a thrift store. I pretty much bought them out and was quite disgruntled to find out that there was a limited supply of such curtains. So i had to switch it up and use regular terry with a patch of cool vintage material. I don't know i almost like them better this way....the good folks at three dog yoga loved them and they are now a staple in there arsenal of cool stuff you can buy in there studio. If you don't know about three dog yoga you should. It is pretty much the best place to get your assana on. Run by Anna and David Guhin ( he also has his hand in the AMGEN Tour de California) Three Dog has everything a yoga studio should have. Great classes, great teachers, a clean enviroment and peaceful atmosphere. Check there website online for a description of their classes and a schedule. And then gooooooo, just go. You won't regret it...

This weekend marked the first of the Monkey Cross series here in Santa Rosa by those amazing folks at Bike Monkey. True to form it started pouring the night before and didn't stop until the day after. This made for some incredible racing in the mud...the photo opportunities were endless. Their next race is the SF Bike Expo, which I won't be boothing this year 'cause i'd rather roll around say hi to folks and have fun, check it out the course is always insane crazy!

To finish things off here are a couple of pictures of some brave souls who took on the mud and raced on saturday. They should of brought a towel...

The Crizzler,



and Glenn...

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