Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cross training with some knitting.

My mom must of stuck knitting needles in my hands at a very young age because i don't ever remember her teaching me. I've just always known how. I learned everything i know from her for, she is the master pro and can knit a sweater, or anything else, out of a few scratched out measurements on a piece of paper and everything always fit! Amazing.

On our long Sahara desert trips one of us would always return with a new garment. We all fought for our place in line.

As a teen i knit myself a few sweaters but in the age of the eighties, ie: day glow everything and acid washed jeans, my hobby didn't go over so well.

So i let it go, until i became a mother and started knitting anything i could think of that my girls might use. Toys, sweaters, doll clothes, hats, scarfs, socks, you name it, i sat up at night making it.

With Luce Goods coming in i kinda put the knitting aside for a while...but as i entered the yarn store the other day i got really excited again...

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