Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the beginning....

So lets see here....Let me give you all a quick overview of what i'm about without getting too boring. I guess it all started with a dinner party when my good friends Curtis, Mitzi, Jay and Jocelyn (Curtis (inglis/retrotec) and Jay (sycip designs) are both local amazing bike builders) came over for a french dinner and noticed these bags i had started making on my ironing table.
They instantly loved them . Jay bought one for Jocelyn on the spot and Curtis bought one for Mitzi then Curtis , who happened to be hosting the Single Speed World Championships that year asked me to make some bags to give away as prizes at the race and i was launched....

The bags, which are called the "Lucette Bag" are basically musette bags which i have redesigned with a carabiner to clip to your belt, a cell phone pocket and a tab on the front for your night light and your carabiner when you are not using it. Its just a simple bag perfect for a lock, wallet, sweater, keys that sort of thing. The carabiner clipped to your belt makes it so your bag doesn't swing around and crash you out and the light tab makes it so you can ride your bike home safely late at night.

The hats happened later at the Tour de California when Sean Walling (soulcraft), also an amazing bike builder, asked me if I would consider making hats. I went home and worked out a pattern. I wanted to make sure that my hats didn't pinch the delicate domes of my customer. Hats that pinch is the number one complaint I hear from people who wear cycling hats. Sean ordered fifty and the "Luce Melon" hat was born.

So now thats pretty much all I want to do. I have two lovely little girls(Opal and Violet), an amazing boyfriend (chris wells, super wells, crizzle), one dog (Ninja), two cats (Atticus and Shadrack) and two chickens (Thelma and Lucinda). We live in beautiful Sonoma County where there is more cycling than you can shake a stick at. Perfect...


  1. Yay, blog buddies!

    I'm so honored to be your first commentor and to be the only non-cycling related link so far in your links list. People are gonna click on the link and be like "who is this girl?... where is her bike?... and why do I care what she's wearing?"

    Hope you feel better soon, I can't wait to show you the fabric!

  2. Welcome to blogland, Lady!