Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New hats!

Wow i hadn't realized it had been that long since i posted my last blog! Time flies when you are ridiculously busy. So between quitting my day job, sending my oldest daughter to france with her grandparents for two weeks (gulp), and doing all the other end of school year jazz...i finally managed to sit down and make these hats.

As per usual they are all made of recycled fabrics found around town. The cycling fabric on the two penny hat was given to me by my dear friend Missa. An awesome find for sure. You can peep Missa's blog on my "luce likes links" under thrift candy. She has excellent taste!

The other fun fabric i have was custom screen printed for me by my friend Wade who is the mastermind behind SCAREA. You may have seen the stickers around town. He had a screen printing party at his shop last friday complete with Max Wordlow as dj and cocktails galore. A magical time for sure. Bellow are some pictures of Wade and Max hard at work...

All hats are $30 dollars plus shipping and handling. If i don't have the one you like left i still have some of those fabrics and can make more. Now on too bags....oh yeah and i will be out of town until the 7th of july visiting the mid west and my boy Crizzle's family...

You can click on my flickr link to see all my other hats. There are some new bags there too...

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  1. Yay, so cool to see, I knew you'd do something awesome with that fabric! It's so perfectly paired with that plaid too.

    Have fun on your trip! Oh, and I don't remember exactly when it is but I know you've got a birthday that either happened recently or is soon to be, so Happy Birthday!

    We should do coffee or a walk at Howarth or something when you get back :)