Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bike Monkey

Started designing hats for Bike Monkey this week and i'm really excited about. Here is one of the color schemes we are working on. We are also going to make a black, red and white version to match their pre existing jersey. If you don't know about Bike Monkey you can check them out here. Definitely one of the coolest things thats happened to Sonoma County bike wise, along with our amazing frame builders, Bike Monkey heads up most of the racing here and has a great magazine on bike culture, racing, and stuff. They are responsible for many great series such as SRCX, and the Lake Sonoma races. They've also worked extensively with our local celeb Levi Leipheimer to bring us the Gran Fondo and are doing it again this year. Nice work yo!

Of course no weekend would be complete without a ride out somewhere. These days i take it where i can and when i can and for as long as i can. This week i traded a night out on the town for a bike ride out west to our favorite spots. I have a tone of sewing to do so i had to make a bargain with myself . Luckily we still had to eat and our friends that we were supposed to hang out with were super cracked after hiking all day on mount Tam and were only up for dinner anyway. Perfect i got my cake and ate it too.

Special shout out today to my pops. Happy Birthday yo! Good job making it this far and remaining relatively sane. I can only hope to do so well! I'd post a picture of him but he doesn't like being on the interwebs...

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