Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chris Wells aka "the Crizzler"

Happy Birthday Crizzle!! If you don't know Chris Wells you should. Pretty much the nicest guy around, artist extraordinaire, crushing bike racer who often kills cerrtain famous rock star bike builders and amazing bf (boyfriend? best friend? it works both ways...).

Below are a few pics of crizzle'ss abilities in the art world. These were taken recently at crizzle's last show in the city for "We Ride at Night" an up and coming skateboard company supported by a gang of merry clever artists. They are a series of three colored pencil drawings depicting various scenes of the midwest. The whole installation is finished off nicely with one of Chris's video collages of different members of his family ( who are all incidently from the midwest as is Chris himself...) donning techno glasses which takes them each to a different scene in their lives. The show will be up for a month at gallery "Heist". Go check it out now.....

Also if you would like to see more on Chris Wells you can check him out at OFAD an art collective website he and a few of his friends put together for our viewing and exploring pleasure...




final installation with video

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