Sunday, January 2, 2011

Luce Stuff

Luce Stuff
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Here's a little bag I made up today for all the loose stuff that gets lost at the bottom of your bag. You know like pens, bottle openers, tire levers, chap stick ( always have to have chapstick), patch kit...that sort of thing. The inside is made of recycled vinyl banner from our local bike shop and the outside recycled stuff.

I decided to make these yesterday after pretty much the best new years day ever in japan town when I decided to get everyone a new sketchbook/journal and pen to start off the new year. We also did it right with the most ginormouos bowl of ramen, unagi, and spicy hamachi rules!...and so does nigori sake...

The weather looks like it's gonna be clear tomorrow so Violet and I are gearing up to put on lots of layers ride to work tomorrow...

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